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Sometimes clients arrive at therapy feeling so broken they wonder whether they will ever feel whole again.

Trust, so easily broken and so difficult to repair. Being let down by caregivers causes such damage. If those that are meant to love you the most prove to be untrustworthy, how do you believe that anyone in life won’t do the same. If unlucky enough to have a couple of bad relationships or friends who walk away, triggering feelings of rejection and abandonment, the world suddenly becomes a very unsafe place full of people that can’t be relied upon or trusted. Barriers come up, protective mechanisms protecting against the most crushing feelings a human being can experience.

Some clients so delicate they need typed skype sessions with no video to start gently progressing to the therapy room, so convinced that I will walk away as others have in their life.

Precious time spent building a relationship, the unique, very intense bond between therapist and client can restore faith in humanity and stop the cycle.

Full of interest, pulling life apart and trying to put it back together in a better order, healing emotions en route, looking at patterns, connecting the dots, creating awareness, full of growth and change.

Pure raw humanness. Connection. Creating belonging and feelings for worthiness. Unconditional positive regard. Growing a healthy relationship with safe boundaries and genuine respect. What pleasure to call this work.

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