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We all do it. Negative thinking was the main topic in my anxiety management class today. Our minds can literally drive us bonkers with critical, negative thoughts and it happens to us all. We do something wrong and call ourselves and idiot, think we might have offended someone and our mind concocts an entire story and runs away with it, when actually the person concerned didn’t even register the comment.


We expect perfection and set our standards too high for our own behaviour. We take things personally and often take too much responsibility for the behaviour of others. We can condemn ourselves based on one action, negative self label, jump to conclusions and have double standards.


Thinking in rigid ways leaves no room for human error and sometimes the way we think can be biased against ourselves. If a friend came to me talking those critical words, I would be supportive and compassionate. Why is it that we can be kinder to others than we can to ourselves at times?


For some, particularly when stressed or anxious, thoughts can be so overwhelming, logic and reason goes out of the window and they can be powerfully invasive. Understanding that thoughts are just thoughts, they don’t control and to let them chug on by rather than listening and believing them as fact and truth is a difficult concept to grasp when we’re in the thick of it but one of much importance.


Offering a safe place for service users, as a tutor, I was very proud today to witness such support for each other amongst the group after only 3 weeks. They were answering and giving advice about each others negative thought diaries and the words of kindness flowed so beautifully. For those struggling to speak out, listening to others being honest about their struggles, prompts their own braveness and together they all felt less alone in their individual battle. What beauty to witness such compassion.‪#‎ilovemyjob‬

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